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Roof and Chimney Repair Testimonials

I needed to find a contractor to do some roof repairs, remove 2 unused satellite dishes and install 3 through the roof vents for 2 bathrooms and a kitchen exhaust. I must have called 10 "roofers" and some said they were not interested and some never even bothered to call back. I found this company on a referral website and checked them out on the web. They had lots of positive reviews. I called and left a message and didn't expect a call back. They did call and they had a tech out within 2 days for an estimate. The price was what i estimated and they did the work a week later. I also asked them about 2 other cosmetic things i wanted to possibly do. They talked me out of them due to the cost of the work and they warned me that I could possibly have water issues in the future. I took their advise and didn't do the work. While on the roof they noticed an issue with the liner , which i thought I may have had due to the extra large cap the previous owner had put on before the house was sold. I signed a contract for a new liner. That work was done a few days later. Overall i am happy with their responsiveness and the quality of the work.