January 8, 2024

The roof is one of the most important parts of the home because it protects the house from weather damage and gives it a curb appeal. Taking care of your roof can be very rewarding and will also help you save money. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of easily preventable roofing problems.

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Roof leaks can cause serious water damage to your property. This might include the walls, ceiling, and insulation in the attic. One way to reduce damage caused by roof leaks is to arrange a professional roof inspection. A professional roofer will determine whether your roof requires repair or replacement. Remember that roofing repair and roof replacement require proper training, specialized equipment, and a good understanding of the project at hand. Make sure to always choose the best roof contractor to do roof repair, installation, or replacement. Having said that here’re the common roofing mistakes that can result in costly repairs and replacements:

Common Roofing Mistakes

  1. Improper Shingle Placement

    Shingles protect your home from the environmental elements, besides conserving energy. But do you know that poorly placed shingles can make your roof weak? It is vital to ensure that your shingles are placed on overlapping asphalt-saturated felt underlayment strips. Shingle manufacturers recommend using different rake edges to lay the shingles (shingling). Most DIY roofers end up with an unlevelled shingle arrangement unless they lay the shingles using a reference line. Failure to follow a correct laying procedure creates gaps within shingles.

  2. Sub-Par Ventilation

    The air inside the house is generally full of moisture. Unless your home has a good ventilation system in place, most of the air inside remains trapped. This trapped moisture in the air may cause your roof support to wear out prematurely and compromise your home’s insulation. Sub-par ventilation problems may also result in the air smelling moldy and increase your energy bill due to damaged insulation. It can also cause health issues, such as acute respiratory illness (ARIs), asthma, and more.

  3. Incorrect Flashing Installation

    Flashing installation creates a barrier against heavy rainfall, preventing water from seeping into your home. If the step flashing is nailed to the wall instead of the roof, it can result in water seeping in and accumulating in the gap. This can trigger mold growth and cause cracks in the wall panels. Improper flashing can also expose the sealants and other components to weather elements and reduce their lifespan.

  4. Improper Nail Placement

    Make sure to fix your shingles with four nails to hold them securely in place and avoid slipping. Windy areas may require a minimum of six nails to prevent the shingles from being blown away. Also, it makes sense to follow a pattern while placing the nails. Doing so ensures clean removals in case of any mistakes and prevents warping if the shingles expand. Do not drive the nails all the way through because they can puncture the self-sealing strip.

  5. Improper Slope

    Shingles come in varying thicknesses. Most DIY roofers in New Jersey choose the wrong material, which causes improper slope on the roof. This flawed slope causes water to flow the wrong way, leaving the walls and surrounding structures more susceptible to damage from external elements. Furthermore, the improper slope may cause a shingled overhang. Too much overhang can expose the shingles to being blown away during high winds. Also, if the shingles do not hang an inch or slightly more, water running off the roof may fall into the rake and seep in.

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