Chimney Installation Services

We specialize in constructing several types of Chimneys. Our chimney experts can guarantee that our chimneys have the required concrete footing that is more than enough to support your structure. Also, each material used in the chimney design and construction are all certified and follows the standards of your local building codes. Moreover, our staff will make sure that you are well-informed about every step of the process.
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What Materials Do We Use?

Choosing the right material for your chimney is one of the most important tasks that you must do. When working with us, not only will you experience great service, our experts will gladly assist you in choosing the best type of chimney. So what are great chimneys made of? Logically, when something is going to be constantly subjected to extreme heat and a lot of smoke, then the material used to build it should be able to withstand these conditions. Chimneys are a great example of this type of structure.

For a great chimney, here are the materials that we use:

Flue Liners

You and your family’s safety is our priority. We use flue liners that follow the ASTM C 315 specifications. Our professionals completely check their quality and any other damages that may cause gas and smoke leaks.


We only use top quality and corrosion metal for your flashing. Our company also makes sure that the metal used follows all the building codes in your area.

Clay Bricks

For increased durability, our chimney builders only use clay bricks that are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials – ASTM C980 for chimney lining and ASTM C1298 for industrial chimneys. Since chimneys are exposed on all sides, it often gets saturated with the atmosphere’s humidity or rain. So bricks that have the above-mentioned classifications are less likely to be damaged due to these causes.

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Calcium Silicate Bricks

Since terminal chimneys for both residential and commercial buildings are exposed, it can also be prone to sulfate attacks which can cause mass loss and cracks on the chimney. It is also likely to get covered with frost during winter. This type of brick is naturally resistant to frost and sulfate attacks because it is free of soluble salts. Calcium silicate bricks are quite easier to work with as well.


Our professional chimney builders make sure that we only use the best mortar mix to build your chimney. For a more durable hold, we use Type N mortar mix which is great for building chimneys. This type of cement is sulfate-resistant which prevents corrosion. What’s more, to keep it protected from even the harshest weather conditions, we at First Rate Roofing use solvent-based dark paint.

Stainless Steel

When planning the design of your chimney, we highly recommend a chimney cap. Not only does it protect your chimney from animals, but it also prevents embers from drifting up and out of your chimney. Metal is usually the prime choice to make this. This material is also mainly used for your chimney interior. For a durable chimney cap and interiors, we only use the best stainless steel. Furthermore, we also offer a fully covered warranty for the stainless steel that we use.

Types of Chimneys That We Build

Other than the traditional all-brick chimneys that you commonly see, there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose whatever style you want for your commercial or residential structure. Out of all of these, masonry chimneys and metal chimneys are generally favored by most.

Metal Chimneys

Metal chimneys are typically double or triple-walled and are placed within several different types of casings. If you are going for an industrial design then you might like to leave it bare. However, to add to its aesthetic appeal, you can also choose to cover it with a full wooden case or masonry. Our metal chimneys are built with only the best stainless steel.

Masonry Chimneys

Stucco Chimney Repair

This type of chimney is by far the most popular. It is constructed using cement, stone, or bricks. This type of chimney also comes with the aesthetic masonry fireplaces. What’s more, the bricks that we use to build your masonry chimney are all heat absorbent, water-resistant, and sulfate-attack proof as well. Choosing to have a masonry type chimney will give the assurance that you will have something that can last through time.

PreFab Chimney

A popular choice for most people today because of its modern design and affordable price, we at First Rate Roofing and Chimney also offer pre-build chimneys. It is constructed with several types of materials that you can also decide on.

Freestanding Stove Chimney

We can custom-build a freestanding stove chimney. It is the kind of chimney where a freestanding stove is installed into a customized chimney of your choice. You have the option to install it on a pre-fabricated or masonry-built chimney.

Call Us for a Professional Roof Inspection

If you believe you may need a chimney installation in your NJ home, don’t hesitate to schedule a professional evaluation. At First Rate Roofing and Chimney, we understand the importance of a healthy and robust chimney. Call us today at 800-941-8147 for a free chimney inspection. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and durability of your chimney, providing you with peace of mind and a secure home for years to come!