January 7, 2024
Nature is a powerful force to reckon with. Wind and water, over time, can cause several damages like leaky walls, erosion, and dampness to stone and concrete buildings. Not only can this make your home look aesthetically unpleasant, but it can also pose dangerous and unhygienic living conditions for people. Waterproofing is an essential step towards getting rid of this problem. But many homeowners often realize the issue very late. As such, they look for a masonry contractor in haste but are often unable to find one with the right references or experience. Homeowners need to do their research and hire the right person for the task. If you don’t invest in the right expert, you may end up with poorly done masonry work, which can be a massive dent in your budget and even trigger the need for more repair work. We have compiled a list of criteria you should use when hiring a masonry contractor in New Jersey.

References and Reviews

It is important to read up on a masonry contractor and analyze reviews – both good and bad. Most reputable professionals will show you their positive references for previous work to make you think they are the best out there. But they will obviously not show you the negative reviews. For that, you will need to check independent review sites, Facebook, and Google to get a complete picture of their services.

Complete Service (and After-Sale Service)

Some contractors provide only one service or the other. If you think that your home repair and restoration work requires more than one technique, then you would be better off hiring someone who provides complete services instead of contacting two separate contractors for two different jobs. You also need someone who will provide after-sale service and warranty on their services. You can determine this by reviewing a contractor’s previous records and services listed on their website.

License for the Job

Never choose someone who is not authorized and does not have the license for the job. A qualified and licensed contractor will make sure they do everything the right way. And you need not worry about any legal problems with someone who has a license.

Expertise in Using Material

No one man is a Jack of all trades. Some contractors are better at working with some materials than others. For that reason, you need to find someone who has the expertise and prior experience in the material that you want for your project.

Timeframe and Cost

It’s always a good idea to have a written contract that clearly lays out the payment schedule, timeframe for completing the project, work policies, acquisition of material, clean-up responsibility, and more. Always make sure to read the contract thoroughly to save yourself any unpleasant surprises later on.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a masonry contractor is no easy job, especially in New Jersey. But, if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced masonry contractor that meets the criteria listed above, First Rate Roofing & Chimney has your back.

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