What is a Licensed Roofing Contractor
January 9, 2024
As a homeowner, you’ll want to dig into many factors before hiring the best roofing contractor in NJ. One of them is whether or not the company is licensed. It is common to wonder whether you should hire a licensed contractor at a higher cost or an unlicensed one at a lower cost. But perhaps the real question is if you want the shoddy and possibly unethical practices of an unlicensed contractor that may end up costing you more in the long run. A roofing license is a certification provided by the state as proof that the roofer is licensed to work on and has expertise in roofing repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement. Even if you don’t think the license has merit on its own, it’s always a good idea to hire a licensed contractor. Below are some reasons why you should look for a roofing contractor with a license.
Architectural team working on blueprints

Why Look for a Licensed Roofing Contractor

They Have the Experience

To obtain the roofing license, contractors have to pass certain tests and meet certain requirements to prove their expertise in various kinds of roofing work, including metal roofing, roof replacement, and roof repair. So, when you hire licensed roofers in New Jersey, you can rest assured that they know what the industry’s best practices are (including the regulations on roof repair in New Jersey) and will get it done right the first time.

They Never Ask for Illegal Payment

When you hire a licensed contractor, you only have to pay a percentage of the project upfront by law and not a hefty advance payment. This means that you are not at the risk of the contractor failing to complete the work or doing a dishonest job like an unlicensed contractor with no liability might do.

They Always Offer a Contract

Having a contract is crucial because it holds the roof contractor to their word. A licensed contractor will always offer you a written contract specifying the scope of the project, the timeline in which it would be completed, the materials to be purchased, the cost, and more.

They Always Carry Insurance

It is required by law for roofing contractors in NJ to carry insurance. This protects you from any liabilities if the contractor damages your property or hurts himself while on the job. This will save you from any unforeseen costs that may result in the process and protect you from fraud on the contractor’s part.

They are Ethical About Their Work

Licensed local roofing companies in New Jersey always stand behind their work and behave ethically. In the event of a dispute, you can take the matter up with the state, which will help resolve the issue.

Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor in NJ

For the reasons above, it’s always a good idea to hire licensed roofing companies in New Jersey. If you’re looking for someone to inspect and assess, install, repair, or replace your roof, chimney, or siding, First Rate Roofing & Chimney has you covered. We’re a licensed roofing service provider in NJ with decades of experience in the field. Call now at 551-239-8357 for a free consultation!