What is Masonry Repair and How Is It Different From Masonry Restoration
January 7, 2024

Masonry is a method of construction that involves the use of cement to hold bricks or stones together. Most buildings are built using masonry – think of a bricklayer laying bricks to build a wall or laying down a walkway and sealing the pieces together by layering cement. That’s masonry.

Damaged Brick Masonry Steps

Sometimes, masonry is used in combination with other construction techniques for durability, aesthetics, or practicality. But even though masonry is very durable, it experiences wear and tear over time like anything else. If the building you’re in starts showing signs of aging, it might be time for you to consider masonry repair.

What is Masonry Repair?

Masonry repair involves patching up areas that show signs like cracked or chipped bricks, discoloration (which indicates moisture), and crumbling mortar. Masonry also involves replacing old bricks that have lost strength and plugging in gaps in the mortar. This wear and tear over time can be due to aging or accidental damages. In either case, masonry contractors will help you repair the damage and elevate the appearance of your masonry. For this, they also need to match new materials to old materials so that the repair looks as seamless as possible.

What is Masonry Restoration?

Mortar, cement, and bricks weaken over time, and masonry restoration means removing old and damaged materials and replacing them with new materials that match the originals. So if your building was made with red bricks, the restoration will replace them with red bricks that look just like what the original red bricks would have looked like in their heyday.

While masonry repair work focuses on the damaged part of the building, masonry restoration includes rebuilding the entire construction to give it a fresher look. That’s why restoration is a larger project than a repair.

Regular repairs and maintenance can extend the life of a building, but there comes the point when the structure loses its integrity and becomes vulnerable. This is when masonry restoration is needed to preserve the building. This process is especially common in preserving historical buildings for many generations. And even if your building is not old, it will definitely improve in appearance and value with some good restoration work.

The Difference Between Repair and Restoration

While repair and restoration may seem like similar processes, the difference is in the scale of each project. Restoration is a much bigger job than masonry repair and involves replacing the entire masonry to restore the building to its original appearance. Masonry repair involves fixing cracks and crumbling mortar only from where it appears damaged. Most building owners will hire a masonry contractor for repairs from time to time, but very few will own a building long enough to need to restore it. Buildings take decades to need restoration. It’s very unlikely that a new building would require restoration within a few years. However, suppose you feel that your building is now at the point where restoration work is needed. In that case, you should hire an experienced masonry contractor in NJ who will help you bring the building back to its original appearance.

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